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This is a 5 part Live performance of

"Nobody's Business" 

a 10 piece horn band that played in and around Nashville from 1981-1998.  This was the last performance.

Players: Gary Godbey~bass, Eddy Joyner~keys,

Ava Joyner~vocals,

Jamie Nichol~percussion, Scott Miller~trumpet,

Caryn Miller~trumpet,

Scott Kinney~trombone, Bob Chandler~saxophone

We had a sub drummer and guitarist that day if anyone knows their names

please email me so I can credit:)

Hope you enjoy!

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Comments from FaceBook

 Vera Smith Nabi at 9:52pm February 14
Hey Ava-sure wish we had some old Mere Bull footage-Brings back a lot of great memories :)
 Scott Kinney at 9:58pm February 14
That was some of the most fun I have ever had playing music. That had to be the coolest set list I have ever played from. I mean really, who does a set like that...um, nobody! Don't really miss the smokey room though.
 Scott Kinney at 10:13pm February 14
Doug Sanborn is introducing the band. He was an Italian Street Fair volunteer and a sound engineer for Skyline Drive.
 Scott Miller at 11:46pm February 14
I so miss playing in that band. I don't think that I can ever hear a Chicago tune and not be transported back to Club Mere Bulles.
 Philip Gregory at 9:49am February 15
Nice solos Scott and Scott!
 Ashleigh Jo Ann Ford at 11:52am February 15
I can see why you miss this.
 Tim Lake at 1:59pm February 15
I don't mind telling anybody that Nobody's Business played a huge role as an inspiration for today's Skyline Drive. That was the first band I saw when I moved to Nashville in '94 (at Club Mere Bulles, of course), and I was totally blown away. Now, if I could just play like Eddy and/or sing like Gary!
 Kendra Cheek at 2:59pm February 15
Mrs. Miller was jammin'! lol But wow, 1988, I wasn't even thought of lol. This is a great video. I envy you guys talents. That was beyond any great adjective you could think of. Great job. You
guys deserve like a week of to do that again
February 16 at 6:06pm
Ava It was great seeing the video of Nobody's Business. The short amount of time I played gigs with the band were definately memorable. My son Joseph was in a stroller at the concert in Centenial Park, I believe he was 1 1/2 years old. He now plays trumpet and likes Chicago and other horns bands so I was proud to show him the video. Thanks for posting the video!- Bob Chandler

 Andrew Fraser at 3:58pm February 27
nice n funky.

"Nobody's Business" Live Part 1 September 5, 1998, Nashville, TN

"Nobody's Business" Live Part 2 September 5, 1998, Nashville, TN

"Nobody's Business" Live Part 3 September 5, 1998, Nashville, TN

"Nobody's Business" Live Part 4 September 5, 1998, Nashville, TN

"Nobody's Business" Live Part 5 September 5, 1998, Nashville, TN.
There is an audio only performance of a Sunday night at
Club Mere Bulles in 1990 on the end of this.
Players were: Craig Boswell - lead vocal and trombone,  Gary Godbey - bass and vocal, Steve Nabi - drums, Eddy Joyner - Keys, Jamie Nichol - percussion, Gary McGuire - Guitar, Terry Townsend - trumpet, Bill Fanning - Trumpet, Dennis Taylor - saxophone.

If anyone has any footage, photo's, posters, newsletters, etc....and you'd like to share them with us please contact us!  swiftrode@gmail.com

I have some board mixes of the old, old, and the old band that I'd like to build slide shows for, but I'm running low on photos.  If anyone knows where Beth Shirley is, she had lots of great photo's. 

There is an example of what I am talking about on the end of part 5.

Please comment on theses videos at You-Tube. 

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