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Eddy & Ava Thank You God Festival, Argle, WI
7/7/07 photo by Julie Harris

Here's what people are saying about Eddy and Ava Joyner's music...

"The concert you presented was a tremendous blessing to everyone present. The music was beautiful from the first note to the last. The worship experience was rich. Thank you! I guess it was a good thing the weather was so rough that night (Hurricane Ernesto) otherwise, we would have had to move some walls to accommodate the crowd."
- Pastor Marsha D. U. Emery, Lakeside United Methodist Church, Brunswick, GA

"At the concert, I was astonished! I didn't know what to expect.  I knew that Eddy could play and I had heard you sing some over the years.  I was afraid I would have to "lie" and say I liked your "country twang" music, but the music was good.  I was astonished, that's all I can say!
My favorite song from the new CD is the "Sparrow" song. The CD is full of hope and very uplifting.  The songs tell a story, if you listen. It is Jazzy and has a different and refreshing beat."
 - Julee Crews, adopted "sister" and loving prayer partner, Brunswick, GA

"Your new CD "Jesus Is Calling You" is deeply felt and the music is inspired. What you are singing is obviously from God. The sparrow song made me cry!"
- Amy Putnam, Music Director and 6th grade teacher, Moultrie, GA

"I love the new CD, "Jesus is calling you". It makes me cry. The vocals were great and I love the way Eddy plays the piano. I keep it in my car.  I've ordered 2 more so that I can give them to friends that I feel your music will touch.  I just don't want to give up my copy!"
- Suzanne Godbey, Loving friend and Music Lover, Nashville, TN

"The new CD is awesome and great!  It was worth the wait. Great music with great meaning and a lot of kick."
- Jim Hunter, (owner) White House Productions, White House, TN

"Ava, the songs you've written are so sweet and your vocals were strong and clear.  Eddy is an exceptional piano player and his arrangements were wonderful"
-Betty Jean Robinson, Christian Artist, Brentwood, TN

"Your music is so wonderfully blessed and just makes me want to cry!  I want to keep the DVD on all of the time, it is so peaceful.  Can't wait until you can come back to play in Wisconsin again!"
-Ronnie Peterson, Songwriter and Musican, Highland, WI

"Eddy & Ava performed at our Wedding Ceremony in 2001, people still remember their sound.  Their impressive performance made our special day memorable and more spectacular that we ever could imagine."
-Stephanie Waddell, Loyal Fan and Beloved Friend, Lebanon, TN

" I have watched your music and lives develop and grow through the years. I am proud of you and pray only the very best in God's will for you."
-Rocky Joyner, OUR big brother, Kennesaw, Ga.

"What a blessing to have Eddy and Ava minister at GOD Appreciation days in Argyle WI and at Ronnie Peterson's in Highland WI. Ava's lyrics are like thinking out-loud about our walk with JESUS that we all can relate to. Eddy's piano playing is so anointed and full of emotion. Can't wait till they're back in southern Wisconsin. Fun People to be around."
-Bill Sarbacker, Audio Engineer for Dave Harris and Ronnie Peterson, New Glarus ,WI.

"Last week, on a night we were particularly beat from a long day, we played your CD.  While we were making tostadas the music refreshed us.  We love your voice and especially loved "Jesus Loves Me" that night. Once again, it was a refreshing listen!"
-Katey Jones, Singer and Songwriter, Sunriver, OR

"Watched the video (studio) and thought it was professionally done. It explained thoroughly the various services and capacities available.  Hope all is well for you."
-Pastor Michael Farmer, Pastor, First Church Of the Nazarene, Moultrie, Ga.

" Hi Eddy!  I loved your You-Tube!!!  It seems like you are really doing something GREAT with your life.  Watching that video gave me encouragement to get back into God's will and plan for my life again.  I have been in a spiritual desert since my husband left me.  I felt like God had abandoned me and I just didn't know how to trust Him anymore.  So I have really been in rebellion for about two and a half years.  Recently, I have felt Him really calling me home.  I have started reading my Bible again and last week I joined the choir at church.  I love to sing and I would love to sing for Him again.  Everybody tells me that I have a really good voice and that I should look towards becoming a professional at it.  I have been so emotionally beaten up by life that I have a hard time believing that something like that could happen for me.  But I think God used you to send me an email of encouragement and to give me hope that He's not done with me yet and that I could dream again.  Maybe someday He will bring me to your recording studio!!  Anyway, thanks for sending me some hope."
-Susan Wendel, Brunswick, Ga.
 The Lord has been putting this on my heart for a while to tell my experience with this CD.So I am. I have been having a really hard time over the past few years. The Lord told me to pull this CD out and really listen to it. Which I had heard it before. But because of the place I was in I listened with my spirit. This CD has helped me during this time and still is helping me. If you are struggling with anything this CD is awesome. A few songs that really spoke to me, were "All About him", "Wait", "Standing on your word", "Willing" and especially "Because I Love you". But there is no bad song here. They are all very powerful and will speak to your soul. And of course Eddy's piano playing is beyond belief. You can get lost just in the music.If you haven't heard it you have to get it. You wont be sorry. Be Blessed Bunches!
~ Pamela Greene Portland, Tn 
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